A Muslim Woman's Diary

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A Muslim Woman‚Äôs Diary is a collection of thoughts, reminders and advice in the form of quotes from a Muslima to all her sisters across the world. The book is divided into four fundamental themes ‚Äď haya, nafs, sabr and obedience. The aim of this work is to help you deal with the major and minor issues in your life, as well as guide you to change your mindset into a positive perspective when facing calamities. Along the way, you will also gain an overall understanding of the Islamic principles in how to understand your worth as a Muslim woman in a Western society, how to deal with your nafs, how to maintain sabr in times of hardship and finally how to be obedient to your Lord and parents. By the will of Allah, this book will help you re-evaluate the meaning of your life and assist you to see the light within the darkness.¬†


Publication date: 12th April, 2021
Author: Sumaya Amiri 
Genre: Instapoetry 
Original language: English 
Pages: 207
Format: Paperback 
ISBN: 978-87-972784-0-6